Adventures: QuakeCon 2013

This week’s release on James Phan Imagination features Kevin and I.

TheĀ QuakeCon at the Hilton Anatole was another interesting experience. Although much less stressful compared to theĀ A-Kon, it is something I don’t look forward to doing again. One of those things that you do once in a lifetime, you know?

Whenever we do something out of the ordinary (i.e. not eating out or watching movies), the boyfriend would ask me what I found interesting about whatever we did.

So here it the list of what I found interesting about the QuakeCon:

1. I was incredibly fascinated by the fans that these guys built in their CPU to keep it cool. Wish I had the brains, tools, and accessories to cool my laptop down like that too.

2. People spend too much time on some things some times – like playing Starcraft. I watched this one particular guy manipulate the mouse and the keyboard like as if he was breathing.

3. Bawls is an interesting energy drink.

4. Video games guys are less weird than Anime-freak guys.

This is just me, from outside looking in.



Adventures: Lake Whitney, TX

Two weekends ago, Tung and I had out first cliff diving experience about an hour and a half drive from Arlington TX. Though we later reflected that bringing a grill and a large cooler was not the best idea for the hike that we had to go through in order to get to the ledge, we enjoyed ourselves.

I didn’t get a chance to jump as we were all afraid of my lack of swimming abilities. Hopefully the next time we do it, you’ll be able to see me jump or push off the ledge with a life jacket on.

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