Alphabet Challenge: Facial Hydrator

Third attempt at the alphabet challenge & the sixth week with the alphabet “F”. AlphabetChallenge My choice – facial hydrator! photo (5) I was introduced to Glymedplus’ facial hydrator when I first visited the lady who does my facial – Lynda Cabell. Why I needed this $50 product? My skin is constantly dehydrated, and the Neutrogena Acne Therapy System – the only acne system that helps control my acne (will get a review up later on) is also the only acne system that dries my skin.

photo (6) Look how smooth this product looks like. A 4.0oz bottle should last me about three months. It has been two months since I’ve started using this product and I’ve only used about half of the bottle. $50, totally worth it. What is my usual routine?

I wash my face with a cleanser, put on the acne lotion, then the hydrator before I move onto the sunscreen that is part of the acne therapy system. I think it should be a product that anyone should consider, regardless of the term that they used “anti-aging”. Such smooth product at a cost.

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Alphabet Challenge: Eyebrow Threading


Second attempt & fifth week to the Alphabet Challenge. It’s “E” this week, and I decided to go with eyebrow threading. Understanding that eyebrow threading posts have been done and overdone, I will relate my personal experience to eyebrow threading in the DFW metroplex.

I didn’t do anything about my eyebrow until I was 18. I only started because a guy I knew wanted to do something about his eyebrows, and was too afraid to try. I figured why not? After all, I have to do something about my bushy eyebrows. After reading reviews after reviews, I decided to try out Heena Salon, an Indian salon that does eyebrow threading for $4 (!)


There are several locations around the metroplex, and you just have to deal with the Indian smell, Hindi movies played, and the chit-chatty Indian women that are going to do your eyebrows. Eyebrow threading around the area can cost anywhere between $5 to $30! Read my review about Heena Salon on Yelp.com.

How would one benefit from eyebrow threading? First of, if you are a bush like me, plucking would take a good 72 hours. Waxing is also out of the question after I saw this teenage girl screamed in a spa. 


You can read about how threading works here.

So to cut all of that, here is my personal experience. I usually head over to Heena every four to six weeks, depending on how often I feel like plucking my own eyebrows here and there. It’s a good idea to start a routine. For example, I pluck my eyebrows every Friday. If you keep up with the shape enough, you don’t even have to do thread your eyebrows.

You can personally read about how often you should get your eyebrow threaded but try it yourself, and say for yourself how often you should spend the money. As little as $4 (plus tips) is, it’s an $16 (plus tips) expense. That’s quite a bite.

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Alphabet Challenge: Deep Conditioning

First attempt at the Alphabet Challenge.


This week’s alphabet is “D”, and I decided to go with deep conditioning, one of the products that I struggled with for the most part of my adolescence. I inherited my mother’s wavy hair that is both fine and dry. You would think that it would be any better now that I am here in the dry and now, blazing hot Texas, but no, they were just as bad as it was back home in Malaysia.

Dry hair

The drugstore products hasn’t helped me since I’ve been here. I’ve tried several deep conditioning / mask products from various brands, such as  TRESsemme Protein Renewal Creme, TRESsemme Rejuvenating Mud Mask  and Garnier Fructis Fortifying Deep Conditioner. I was on the verge of giving up drugstore brand until I found Aussie – a so called Australian brand.

Despite chopping my hair off, the back of my hair is constantly dehydrated. Ranked #4 on Total Beauty, the 3 minute miracle is supersedes Redken, Origins and Bed Head at $3. What more can you ask for?


Unfortunately for me, three minute is not sufficient to condition my hair. Instead, I would soak my hair for about 90 minutes before I rinse the product off. Personally, it doesn’t bother me as I have my shower cap on the entire time. I put about a handful of the product on my hair each time, and each bottle lasts me for a good ten washes.

90 minutes may seem time consuming for most, but a lot can be done while you have your shower cap on. I can usually do two loads of laundry, paint my nails, and do a facial all at the same time. Think of this self-pampering time you can get in less than $7 every week!

In order to keep my hair hydrated at all times, I will have to deep condition my hair about once every five days. That’s $3 for every two months. Where can you possibly find a deal like that?

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Announcement : Alphabet Challenge

Participating in JiaWun and Socks’ Alphabet Challenge starting this week.


Three rules to the challenge is:

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Even though I have no intentions of moving the blog towards fashion or beauty, I will probably follow the girls’ rules, just because ..

Looking forward to updating the blog with a title that starts with “D”, probably one of my favorite alphabets by now (just kidding).

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