Buys: Suave’s Keratin Smooth & Shine Serum

I’ve mentioned previously that I have dry, fine wavy hair. That being mentioned, there is a lot to be done to my hair.

One of the most recent hair product that I bought is the Suave’s Keratin Smooth & Shine Serum, in replacement of the current serum that I’m using – Biosilk’s silk therapy.



First of, this serum smells amazing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stick.

Secondly, this serum is the bang for the buck. At $2.88 at your local Walmart and Super Target, you can easily pick these up at the shelves without a thought.



I’m not going to lie, I gave it a lot of thoughts before purchasing this product. Mostly because it is so inexpensive, and I’ve never had a good experience with Suave. This, however, is a different line. All Suave’s Keratin Professional is in gold packing.

In comparison to Biosilk’s silk therapy, this serum is not as thick, something that I prefer. A lot of times, when I accidentally poured a little too much of the silk therapy and didn’t want it to go to waste, I feel like I’m wearing weight on my hair all day. The Keratin’s serum however, does not make me feel that way.

Packaging of the serum at 2 ounce, I can easily put the bottle into my purse and off I go to where ever I should be. Perfect travel size for someone like me.

Not to mention, it smells so good sometimes I just sniff it.


Haul: ELF Cosmetics

First haul – e.l.f cosmetics from Super Target.

Since I started working at a bank, I figured I have to start being more presentable. I have the dress pants, and the nice professional look courtesy of JPMorgan & Chase Co., I did my part to purchase affordable good quality cosmetics – e.l.f.

photo (4)

Let’s start off with the least expensive product, the eyelash curler. I’ve never used an eyelash curler until e.l.f. It doesn’t snap my eyelashes off, or rather haven’t. Though I find it better curling my eyelashes on after application of mascara. I may just consider using a mascara primer for better results.

The eyelid primer is the second dollar product, one of my favorites. A small dab is good enough to ensure that my favorite eye shadow (and probably the only one that I use) Maybelline’s Eye Tattoo in Bad to Bronze to last the entire day. Love how my eyelid sparkles naturally with the application.

Three dollar purchases that I am glad spending every penny on, the Matte Lip Color. I bought mine in natural color. Will have a short update on what the color does to my lips later this coming week. Thumbs and more thumbs up for this product!

Moving on to my least favorite purchase – the eyebrow kit in medium. Perhaps because I have a full eyebrow, I don’t see the purpose of using the kit. The gel and the powder is most definitely not my favorite, especially with the applicator provided with the kit. Maybe I will like it better if I thin my eyebrow a little the next time I go over for eyebrow threading, and using the small angled-brush that is on its way.

Next not that amazing purchase is the undereye concealer and highlighter. First of, do not use the highlighter. It’s not usable. The undereye concealer is not the best I’ve used. Personally I prefer my Maybelline Luminating Highlighter Concealer is a much better option than this product.

Following translucent mattifying powder isn’t all that great either. First of, the sponge provided is again, not usable. I have considerable amount of shine, especially around my forehead and nose area, and this powder made an awkward cake-like lines whenever I apply in on my nose.

I’m a little effy about the tinted moisturizer. I got in in beige, as I am a little tan. I have read reviews that the e.l.f. products is darker than others, but find this moisturizer a-okay. It may be because my liquid foundation is light nude, something I bought back in winter. I knew I should have bought a darker shade foundation for the summer (and that is why it’s on its way!)

Back to the little more confused me about the make up mist and set. Honestly, I’ve never used one of these things. I’ve watched many make up tutorials and read good reviews on this product. Does it honestly set my make-up? No. At the end of the day, my makeup still looks worn off. Maybe I should use a different brush with the translucent mattifying powder.

After reading reviews after reviews rambling about how great the high definition powder is. I had such high hopes, and honestly don’t know how is it any different from a baby powder. It leaves a layer of powder on my face that I don’t like. I’m a liquid foundation, no weight on my face kind of gal.

photo (2)

My current collection of e.l.f. cosmetics. I’ve always had a blush powder, an eye shadow “C” brush, and blush. Oh, and I forgot to mention e.l.f. was the first cosmetics I bought when I started wearing makeup.

More online purchases on its way from eyeslipsface.com.


Buys: Happiness in Shower Curtains

One of the things that boyfriend taught me was that the first thing you have to do when you move into a new place is a shower curtain. After personally shower-curtain-shopped with him, I learned that Walmart’s Mainstay light weight shower curtain and hooks is $3.38 tax included. Of course, the shower curtain wouldn’t be too sheer to be used (unless you enjoy being watched, that is totally up to you).

I shop hopped for a couple of hours after training today. The only thing I bought was Room Essentials’ light weight shower curtain and clear hooks.



This wasn’t exactly what I bought, because Target has a larger variety of color for these light weight shower curtains – white, clear and shell (Walmart only had one – white. Dull, I know). Even the hooks had the same variation of colors! All for $0.40 more compared to Walmart!

This significant buy made me happy.

There was finally a change in the bathroom that I shared with my parents for as long as I’ve been here – that’s 3 1/2 years. Although of much less quality shower curtain, it serves it purpose – to ensure that the water does not spill out of the tub. After all, I thought it was for the best. How much weight do you think your rod can take?

So tell me, what joy did you buy with $4 today?


Budget Buys: Dollar Stores

I recently asked my friends on Facebook what items will they not purchase from a dollar store? Their pick – food and toothbrush (?)

My pick? Microfiber hair towel.


I bought these in replacement of the shower cap when I recondition my hair. I gave it quite a thought before spending this dollar, and of course, I was wrong. Do not buy any sort of so called microfiber from dollar stores, especially these because they leave whatever it is on your hair. You’re better off with $3 three pieces of shower caps from Walmart per photo below.


My pick on what to buy at dollar stores? Toothbrush!


$3 worth of Assured toothbrush from the Dollar Tree


$17.97 worth of Colgate toothbrushes from Target

I don’t know about you, but a toothbrush is a toothbrush, it won’t leave gold flakes in your mouth if you use a $3 one versus a $0.50. Can I afford a $3 toothbrush? Yes, but doesn’t mean my $2.50 is not better off somewhere else.


Target: Mossimo Flats

My recent employment at JPMorgan Chase as a teller has made me kept an eye on flats – after all, I wasn’t going to wear heels for hours a day while keeping a smile on my face. Target has their lot of shoes on sale, and I bought my first comfortable pair of flats half-off at $9.98. They do snug to your feet, so buy 1/2 size larger than your usual size.



Even though Target has most of their items priced slightly above Walmart, it is definitely worth the drive to take a peek on their clearance items. Also, sign up for a Target RED card – they are available for debit and credit, and save 5% on all of your purchases. They may already match Walmart’s low price after the 5% discount on certain items.


Alphabet Challenge: Deep Conditioning

First attempt at the Alphabet Challenge.


This week’s alphabet is “D”, and I decided to go with deep conditioning, one of the products that I struggled with for the most part of my adolescence. I inherited my mother’s wavy hair that is both fine and dry. You would think that it would be any better now that I am here in the dry and now, blazing hot Texas, but no, they were just as bad as it was back home in Malaysia.

Dry hair

The drugstore products hasn’t helped me since I’ve been here. I’ve tried several deep conditioning / mask products from various brands, such as  TRESsemme Protein Renewal Creme, TRESsemme Rejuvenating Mud Mask  and Garnier Fructis Fortifying Deep Conditioner. I was on the verge of giving up drugstore brand until I found Aussie – a so called Australian brand.

Despite chopping my hair off, the back of my hair is constantly dehydrated. Ranked #4 on Total Beauty, the 3 minute miracle is supersedes Redken, Origins and Bed Head at $3. What more can you ask for?


Unfortunately for me, three minute is not sufficient to condition my hair. Instead, I would soak my hair for about 90 minutes before I rinse the product off. Personally, it doesn’t bother me as I have my shower cap on the entire time. I put about a handful of the product on my hair each time, and each bottle lasts me for a good ten washes.

90 minutes may seem time consuming for most, but a lot can be done while you have your shower cap on. I can usually do two loads of laundry, paint my nails, and do a facial all at the same time. Think of this self-pampering time you can get in less than $7 every week!

In order to keep my hair hydrated at all times, I will have to deep condition my hair about once every five days. That’s $3 for every two months. Where can you possibly find a deal like that?

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PINK Nation: Freebies

Perhaps one of the best buys I have made in the States is the bra – the Wear Everyday Push Up Bra that is the softest and most amazing bra that I have ever worn. Mom made me wear half-cups wired bras since I was 13, and I have no clue when my breasts started growing or stopped (I have made it clear, that I have almost non-existent breasts in case you didn’t get the hint).

Which of course led to more purchases of PINK, a line for the younger crowd of Victoria Secret.

Today, I am going to share with you the perks of being a member of PINK Nation.


Every now and then, PINK would mail us some offers for free PINK panties, and what’s better than free panties? Best of all, there is no purchase required. Truth be told, I am not aware of how often these offers are being sent out to members, but I recalled picking up a pair in June.

Free PINK laced trim thong, originally $9.50. So you tell me why every girl should join PINK Nation.