Alphabet Challenge: Facial Hydrator

Third attempt at the alphabet challenge & the sixth week with the alphabet “F”. AlphabetChallenge My choice – facial hydrator! photo (5) I was introduced to Glymedplus’ facial hydrator when I first visited the lady who does my facial – Lynda Cabell. Why I needed this $50 product? My skin is constantly dehydrated, and the Neutrogena Acne Therapy System – the only acne system that helps control my acne (will get a review up later on) is also the only acne system that dries my skin.

photo (6) Look how smooth this product looks like. A 4.0oz bottle should last me about three months. It has been two months since I’ve started using this product and I’ve only used about half of the bottle. $50, totally worth it. What is my usual routine?

I wash my face with a cleanser, put on the acne lotion, then the hydrator before I move onto the sunscreen that is part of the acne therapy system. I think it should be a product that anyone should consider, regardless of the term that they used “anti-aging”. Such smooth product at a cost.

How to join the challenge, you asked.
1) Send your name and blog URL to itsmejiawun@hotmail.com
2) Further instructions will be given through email reply


Announcement : Alphabet Challenge

Participating in JiaWun and Socks’ Alphabet Challenge starting this week.


Three rules to the challenge is:

1. To post to be upload within between Saturday through Tuesday.
2. The first alphabet of the post’s title is the alphabet of the week.
3. The post to be related to fashion or beauty.

Even though I have no intentions of moving the blog towards fashion or beauty, I will probably follow the girls’ rules, just because ..

Looking forward to updating the blog with a title that starts with “D”, probably one of my favorite alphabets by now (just kidding).

If you too are interested in participating in the Alphabet Challenge, e-mail itsmejiawun@hotmail.com, and she will respond with the details of the challenge.