Budget Buys: Dollar Stores

I recently asked my friends on Facebook what items will they not purchase from a dollar store? Their pick – food and toothbrush (?)

My pick? Microfiber hair towel.


I bought these in replacement of the shower cap when I recondition my hair. I gave it quite a thought before spending this dollar, and of course, I was wrong. Do not buy any sort of so called microfiber from dollar stores, especially these because they leave whatever it is on your hair. You’re better off with $3 three pieces of shower caps from Walmart per photo below.


My pick on what to buy at dollar stores? Toothbrush!


$3 worth of Assured toothbrush from the Dollar Tree


$17.97 worth of Colgate toothbrushes from Target

I don’t know about you, but a toothbrush is a toothbrush, it won’t leave gold flakes in your mouth if you use a $3 one versus a $0.50. Can I afford a $3 toothbrush? Yes, but doesn’t mean my $2.50 is not better off somewhere else.