Alphabet Challenge: Facial Hydrator

Third attempt at the alphabet challenge & the sixth week with the alphabet “F”. AlphabetChallenge My choice – facial hydrator! photo (5) I was introduced to Glymedplus’ facial hydrator when I first visited the lady who does my facial – Lynda Cabell. Why I needed this $50 product? My skin is constantly dehydrated, and the Neutrogena Acne Therapy System – the only acne system that helps control my acne (will get a review up later on) is also the only acne system that dries my skin.

photo (6) Look how smooth this product looks like. A 4.0oz bottle should last me about three months. It has been two months since I’ve started using this product and I’ve only used about half of the bottle. $50, totally worth it. What is my usual routine?

I wash my face with a cleanser, put on the acne lotion, then the hydrator before I move onto the sunscreen that is part of the acne therapy system. I think it should be a product that anyone should consider, regardless of the term that they used “anti-aging”. Such smooth product at a cost.

How to join the challenge, you asked.
1) Send your name and blog URL to itsmejiawun@hotmail.com
2) Further instructions will be given through email reply