PINK Nation: Freebies

Perhaps one of the best buys I have made in the States is the bra – the Wear Everyday Push Up Bra that is the softest and most amazing bra that I have ever worn. Mom made me wear half-cups wired bras since I was 13, and I have no clue when my breasts started growing or stopped (I have made it clear, that I have almost non-existent breasts in case you didn’t get the hint).

Which of course led to more purchases of PINK, a line for the younger crowd of Victoria Secret.

Today, I am going to share with you the perks of being a member of PINK Nation.


Every now and then, PINK would mail us some offers for free PINK panties, and what’s better than free panties? Best of all, there is no purchase required. Truth be told, I am not aware of how often these offers are being sent out to members, but I recalled picking up a pair in June.

Free PINK laced trim thong, originally $9.50. So you tell me why every girl should join PINK Nation.