Alphabet Challenge: Eyebrow Threading


Second attempt & fifth week to the Alphabet Challenge. It’s “E” this week, and I decided to go with eyebrow threading. Understanding that eyebrow threading posts have been done and overdone, I will relate my personal experience to eyebrow threading in the DFW metroplex.

I didn’t do anything about my eyebrow until I was 18. I only started because a guy I knew wanted to do something about his eyebrows, and was too afraid to try. I figured why not? After all, I have to do something about my bushy eyebrows. After reading reviews after reviews, I decided to try out Heena Salon, an Indian salon that does eyebrow threading for $4 (!)


There are several locations around the metroplex, and you just have to deal with the Indian smell, Hindi movies played, and the chit-chatty Indian women that are going to do your eyebrows. Eyebrow threading around the area can cost anywhere between $5 to $30! Read my review about Heena Salon on Yelp.com.

How would one benefit from eyebrow threading? First of, if you are a bush like me, plucking would take a good 72 hours. Waxing is also out of the question after I saw this teenage girl screamed in a spa. 


You can read about how threading works here.

So to cut all of that, here is my personal experience. I usually head over to Heena every four to six weeks, depending on how often I feel like plucking my own eyebrows here and there. It’s a good idea to start a routine. For example, I pluck my eyebrows every Friday. If you keep up with the shape enough, you don’t even have to do thread your eyebrows.

You can personally read about how often you should get your eyebrow threaded but try it yourself, and say for yourself how often you should spend the money. As little as $4 (plus tips) is, it’s an $16 (plus tips) expense. That’s quite a bite.

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