Buys: Suave’s Keratin Smooth & Shine Serum

I’ve mentioned previously that I have dry, fine wavy hair. That being mentioned, there is a lot to be done to my hair.

One of the most recent hair product that I bought is the Suave’s Keratin Smooth & Shine Serum, in replacement of the current serum that I’m using – Biosilk’s silk therapy.



First of, this serum smells amazing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stick.

Secondly, this serum is the bang for the buck. At $2.88 at your local Walmart and Super Target, you can easily pick these up at the shelves without a thought.



I’m not going to lie, I gave it a lot of thoughts before purchasing this product. Mostly because it is so inexpensive, and I’ve never had a good experience with Suave. This, however, is a different line. All Suave’s Keratin Professional is in gold packing.

In comparison to Biosilk’s silk therapy, this serum is not as thick, something that I prefer. A lot of times, when I accidentally poured a little too much of the silk therapy and didn’t want it to go to waste, I feel like I’m wearing weight on my hair all day. The Keratin’s serum however, does not make me feel that way.

Packaging of the serum at 2 ounce, I can easily put the bottle into my purse and off I go to where ever I should be. Perfect travel size for someone like me.

Not to mention, it smells so good sometimes I just sniff it.